SEED (Support and Empathy for people with Eating Disorders)

We are a group made up of ordinary people who have had first-hand experience of eating disorders in one form or another. We feel it is important to share experiences with others and help in any way possible. We know from personal experiences how difficult it is to obtain the professional help and assistance in overcoming eating disorders. We hoped that by starting Support and Self-Help Groups we would be able to offer help and advice. Our services have developed well beyond that, as we strive to bridge the gaps and meet the needs of those affected by this devastating illness.

Although Seed is not a Clinical Service, we will do our very best to support, advise and signpost sufferers, carers and loved ones appropriately, by giving people the tools to enable them to cope on a daily basis.

Marg Oaten MBE, Secretary and Co-founder.

Please help

Every penny counts and we are still only here because you’ve supported us as we get no government or council funding. Help us keep making the impact we do in our support of those affected by eating disorders, both directly and those who love and support those struggling too. Our referrals continue to increase on a daily basis, we need you in our corner to keep saving lives and make sure everyone gets the chance to thrive and not just survive.

Please donate here or see our corporate fundraising pack to see how you and you business can get involved and the impact your donations will have here.

Take a stroll with SEED to help those affected by eating disorders.


For anyone who missed the coverage of our SEED – Eating Disorder Support Services Thames trek challenge on BBC Look North, please do take a couple of minutes to watch.

Some amazing moments made in the hardest of conditions. A massive shout out to the amazing Henrietta MacEwen for helping organise all, we couldn’t have done it without you and to the brilliant Andrew Domb for being our wingman and capturing so many memories.

So proud of all the team 🌱

Our page to donate is still open, and we’d so appreciate your support 🙏 They mattered, you matter, we all matter 🌱 

The SEED Song

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Online, phone, e-mail, groups, workshops, self help , advice or just in need of a cuppa tea and a chat. We’re here for you.


If you want to research eating disorders or have concerns about a loved one we have a resource of useful articles to help you.

Educational Toolkit

Toolkit resource for schools and organisations to enable the teacher/support worker to teach responsibly and confidently about eating disorders, body image and wellbeing.


You can call, e-mail, text, or even write a letter. However you want to contact us the information is right here.

“excellent support from SEED, after so many years of struggling. Medical ‘help’ only referred to diet control and emphasis on losing weight, and advise to join weight watchers!! SEED has helped to get to the root of the cause for binge eating, and I have been so encouraged by them on my journey & recovery”

“SEED have helped me so much at the moment my eating disorder is not active and I think I have won the battle after 35 years”

“I highly recommend this recourse. I have used it for years 9, 10 & 11. All pupils and myself found the package to be very educational. The pupils were very positive and it led to lots of discussion.

Well done Marg, Gemma and the team for making such a powerful recourse.

Newland School for Girls

“I am buzzing about this toolkit. It is fantastic and I’ve already trained 4 members of staff to use this is school – I can’t praise it enough.”

Sandwell Community School

“SEED has been providing expert help and support for young people with eating disorders in Hull and East Riding for over 20 years. For the wonderful Oaten family it’s a labour of love: for the rest of us it’s a reminder of what the voluntary sector can do to supplement and enhance the NHS.”

Alan Johnson MP for Hull West and Hessle 1997 to 2017, Health Secretary 2007 to 2009.

“The work that Gemma and her family do is stunning. The toolkit for schools is excellent and every school should have access to this. It is so important for our children to be able to hear the important messages that Seed give, and it makes such a difference to them. The work they do saves lives, and nothing can be more important than that. Gemma is such a positive role model for our children but teenagers in particular. It is so important to hear how with her families support and some key adults despite the barriers put in place, she was able to overcome her eating disorder and go on to have an incredibly successful career in television. Not all children will have families as supportive as Gemma’s which is why we need to ensure our staff are trained and that all of our children have at least one key adult that can support them. This is what makes Seed so special is that Gemma and her family are so keen to support others and early intervention in our schools is so key. I have been really inspired by this work and leading a trust with over 4000 pupils and 750 staff have been keen to get involved.”

Matthew Crawford, Chief Executive Officer, Embark Federation, National Leader of Education.

“All too often, young people with eating disorders and their families are forced to suffer in silence. SEED’s absolutely vital work is ensuring that here in Hull, it doesn’t have to be that way. The Oatens are an inspirational family doing valuable work in our community.”

Karl Turner, MP for East Hull

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