Volunteer for SEED!

We are excited to share that applications for SEED volunteers are now open. To gain insight into the experience, we invite you to hear from a current volunteer.


Emily’s proudest moment volunteering at SEED
As a volunteer at SEED one of my proudest moments was when I saw the positive change our organisation brings to many individuals lives. From supporting their recovery journey, I have seen the impact we have on breaking the stigma surrounding eating disorders.

What would you say to others thinking about volunteering?-
To those thinking of volunteering with SEED, I would say: Your time and energy have the power to create positive change. By volunteering, you have the opportunity gain a deeper understanding of compassion and the power of community as well as make a difference, and be part of something bigger than yourself.

We are looking to recruit passionate, innovative, and motivated volunteers to join Team SEED. Successful volunteers will have the opportunity to assist in supporting SEED colleagues with a range of interventions, including delivery of workshops, support groups, telephone, email, and text support.

To apply please complete the attached application form and  self-declaration & disclosure form and forward to Kat Arksey, SEED Service Coordinator  at: volunteer@seed.charity no later than 8th of September 2023 5pm

Application form
self declaration
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