Gemma’s personal insights – lived experience help and support

Gemma Oaten - BBC Morning Live Eating Disorders report

Eating disorders. a letter to my 11yr old self

Mental Health journey

An insight into eating disorder

Trusting the process in mental health & Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder recovery and mental health journeys

Some tips on coping with Christmas and eating disorders

Weight talk, boundaries and how best to converse with someone struggling with an eating disorder.

Recovery is possible. The journey to Hull Truck.

Journey to my new smile.

Eating disorders and changes to the body in recovery

January 2022, mental health & eating disorders.

An ode to SEED Eating Disorder Support Services. A beautiful poem written by Jess Hempshall

Eating disorders, life in general AND the power of OWNERSHIP

Eating Disorders, how we can do better and the importance of understanding

How to get your mind back on track, in life and when fighting an eating disorder

Why the government response to obesity is putting so many in crisis

Eating disorders awareness and a thank you ♥

You love to win by Jess Hempshall. A poem about what it's like to suffer with an eating disorder

Eating disorders - The recovery after the recovery

Gemma opened up in a brave and honest post recently about the effect eating disorders can have on fertility

How to start the conversation for Eating Disorders Support

Why it’s important to remember…an Eating Disorder is NOT a choice

Eating Disorders – How do I start the road to recovery?

Eating Disorders – Walking on eggshells. (What to say and what not to say as a loved one)

Tess Holliday – Why we must carry on the conversation. A life is more than a number on the scales

Gemma Oaten in conversation with Natalie Anderson on The Capsule podcast – Understanding Eating Disorders

Remembering that ALL those affected by Eating Disorders are worthy of help

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